ETH Zurich, June 3-5, 2020

Update (March 23, 2020)

Dear HALG 2020 participants,

The PC, the organizers and the HALG Steering Committee are monitoring the situation with coronavirus and are considering measures to ensure a safe environment for all participants. Given the current situation, we decided to postpone HALG2020 to a later date, probably at the end of August (tentatively Aug 29-31, 2020). The meeting will be in person if possible and otherwise held virtually. The call for short contributions will reopen after a more definite plan for the conference is fixed. Finally, we advise you not to purchase your travel tickets nor book accommodation until a final announcement regarding HALG is posted.

The organization of HALG 2020

Highlights of Algorithms 2020

The Highlights of Algorithms (HALG) conference is designed to be a forum for presenting the highlights of recent developments in algorithms and for discussing potential further advances in this area. The conference will provide a broad picture of the latest research in algorithms through a series of invited talks, as well as the possibility for all researchers and students to present their recent results through a series of short talks and poster presentations. Attending the Highlights of Algorithms conference will also be an opportunity for networking and meeting leading researchers in algorithms. HALG adopts the recommendations of the SafeTOC report to combat harassment and discrimination in the Theory of Computing community.

HALG 2020 is the fifth conference in the series; the 1st Highlights of Algorithms (HALG 2016) conference took place in Paris, the 2nd Highlights of Algorithms (HALG 2017) conference took place in Berlin, and the 3rd Highlights of Algorithms (HALG 2018) conference took place in Amsterdam, the 4th Highlights of Algorithms (HALG 2019) conference took place in Copenhagen, and now the 5th Highlights of Algorithms (HALG 2020) will take place in Zurich.

There will be no conference proceedings. As a result, presenting work already published at a different venue or journal (or to be submitted there) is welcome. The format of the event will reflect the character of (very successful) conferences in other fields, e.g., mathematics or physics, and also a recent Highlights of Logic, Games and Automata conference.

The conference’s mission is to promote research on algorithmic foundations and foster a community in Europe. HALG was initiated as part of a broader effort in this direction by the Interest Group on Algorithmic Foundations of Information Technology (IGAFIT).


Program Committee

The Program Committee (PC) will be responsible for the program of the conference; in particular, the PC will be selecting invited survey presentations, invited talks, contributed short talks by participants, and poster presentations.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) will oversee the organization of the conference and will set up its format.

Local Organization

HALG 2020 is organized by Mohsen Ghaffari (ETH Zurich) and his team. For questions regarding the local arrangements, please contact halg2020@ethz.ch